Saturday, January 25, 2014

Getting Creative With the Left Overs.

What do you do if you have a hungry husband and a hungry step son who are working hard on your car and you want to feed them a good lunch, but all you have is one chicken thigh, a dab of pulled pork, one strip of bacon and a few strips of delicious bar b que steak left in the fridge?  Well lets see what we can come up with. 
First, I did this with the chicken, pulled pork and steak: (the chicken was slathered in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, the pulled pork was a pre-made thing I bought on a lazy night - the steak was my husbands BBQ magic, because he is King of the BBQ!)
Then I added some mayo and Dijon mustard:
In the mean time I fried up the slice of bacon:

There are 2 bacon pictures, because bacon is VERY important!  Don't forget that!  You never waste that last slice!
Then I pulled out some celery, onion and cheese to go with the mix.
While the guys did the test drive on my car I got the sandwich toppings ready and pulled out the various breads/tortilla's they may want all of this put in or on.

So yeah, lettuce, tomato, basil, bacon and muenster cheese, to be placed on a choice of buttered and toasted sour dough bread, hamburger buns, flour tortillas or corn tortillas.  Along with this:
Yeah, that's red cabbage.  It balances out the bacon.  (yeah right! - it adds crunch and it's good for you)
So how did this all end up?  For one thing the burger buns lost out, so those got put away.  Otherwise?
This was the wrap my husband ate - it was gone before I could get a picture.  I don't think he liked it?
This was the sandwich I made for Trevor:

He took it and ran and all I could hear from the other room was a vacuum sound.  When I came around the corner and asked how it was, I got a look like my dog gives me when I touch his food bowl and a "hmmm mmmm!"  I don't think he like it either?
So then I made mine - I decided to go taco and pulled out the corn tortillas - the artisan ones that are almost like homemade:
The meat is under the veggies, I promise!  It was delicious!  Sweet with the perfect amount of mustard to balance it out and the crunch of the veggies with the softness of the meats, um yeah!  Perfect!
So perfect that my husband asked for a little more, so I made him this - and managed to get a picture of this one before he devoured it.
Yeah, that's a toothpick and a pickle - I got all fancy schmancy, because I love him!  He seemed to like this as much as the wrap by the way. 
So that's how you feed two hungry boys with the bits and pieces of your leftovers - at least that's how it worked today.