Friday, March 30, 2012

The Fault In Our Stars - Book Review

This was an amazing book by John Green.  Bittersweet.  Funny and heart wrenching. A hard read for a parent of a young teen and knowing parents of childre who have survived cancer, it hit home. If forced me to look at life in a way I never have before.  It forced me to look at my childrens' lives in a way I'm not sure I wanted to, but I appreciate. 

It's a well written, easy to read and believable story that I will read again and I will be sharing with my teenage daughter, because I think it will teach her to value each an every day......because you never know when tomorrow will come and you should value each and every day.  "Cancer perks" are not all that they're racked up to be. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Review - Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.

This was a fund book and the title rocks!

The main character, Graecela Jones (ACE) is amazing – I see so much of myself in her and she does so many things that I wish I could or would do.  In saying that, I think that was the one downfall.  This woman does everything we all want to do in a fantasy world and gets away with it.  There is no way, in the most remote possibilities that life would go this way, but damn! You sure would like it to, and in this book it does.  It makes the book a fun read.  This book if a fantastic escape, especially for women. 

I found that Diary of a Mad Fat girl took on, not only abuse in marriage, but in a subtle way, how that abuse is still accepted and swept under the rug by family and friends, even today.  I loved how it was attacked and addressed and in a subtle passive aggressive sort o’ way, put in our faces.  By no means a sophisticated read, but a damn funny one and a rewarding one.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a good laugh and a feeling that someone has had a chance to  experience a little “justice” in their lives. 

Cordelia's Essay - How To Make Toast

Hi there! Today I'm writing an essay on how to make toast!  If you already know how to make toast, then this is pretty useless.  Although, if you need to learn how, then I'm offering you a new skill!  Woo hoo!

Step number one; obtain a piece of bread of your choice.  If you don't know where the bread is, you're going to have to look for it on hour own. Once you find it, extract the desired amount of toast you with to make.

The next step is toasting your bread.  To do this, you're going to need a toaster.  Find the slots for the bread in the toaster, and put your bread in. Now push down the slider thing on your toaster.  All you need to do now is wait!  Don't get scared or startled when the toast pops out. 

Congratulations!  If you're reading this it means you've successfully toasted bread!  Now's the time for you to locate the butter. Most likely, it's in your refrigerator.  Once you are in possession of that, find a butter knife, or the dullest knife in the house.  Take a few slices of butter and spread them on the toast.  You can be done, or add any other toppings, like jelly or jam. 

Awesome, you learned how to make toast!  The last step is, of course, to eat it!  When you eat, one bite at a time. We wouldn't want to choke. Thank you for reading my probably useless essay about toast!