Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your MFK Fisher Quote For The Day

From the compilation of her works The Art Of Eating, Her first book Serve It Forth, written in 1937, chapter, "Sing of Dinner in a Dish":

" 'Always have a Chinese cook,' said the woman who had followed her sailor seven times round the globe, and settled at last inside the golden Gate. 'Yes, always have a Chinese cook-and never go into the kitchen!'

Is this foul slander, or the cool tongue of wisdom? When on the bottom of a casserole doth grimed grease hiss, is ignorance bliss? Probably.

Surely I have eaten many a tart that felt the floor before it felt my plate, and more than a hundred bowls of soup whose temperature was tested, consciously or not, by a fat thumb. I have even pushed dead flies to one side of an omelette or ragout, and eaten to the last bite undaunted. I have not really minded, inside of me, because what I ate was good, and I do not thing that good food can come from a bad kitchen."

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