Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My daughters Twilight Cake

I've spent the last day and a half on this cake.  By no means is it perfect, but I'm proud of how it came out.  I know the next time I try this it will be even better.  I focused on a good cake, knowing my decor would be questionable when I got done. So if it isn't pretty, it will be yummy.  I used a recipe from an old cake shop that use to be in Arcata California called Chocoholics.  It's a tripple layer (3 different kinds of chocolate) cake with buttercream frosting, blueberry/strawberry jam and chocolate granache in between the layers.  It's covered in a butter cream frosting, then the fondant decorations.  I'll post the recipe another day when I'm not so tired.  In the mean time here are the pictures of what I made: (PS.  The cake plate was a nice gift from a friend at work.  A very nice piece that I appreciate very much.)

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