Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great Christmas gift idea for the foodies in your lives

Friday night I rented the movie Julie and Julia.  I LOVED it!  This would be a great Christmas gift for any foodie in your life.  Meryl Streep does an amazing job as Julia Childs!  I found myself relating very much to Julie's character, as did my husband to Julie's husband.  Just a fun movie all around.
You still have time to order this movie from Amazon and receive it by Christmas.  But you better get on it today!
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukka, and Happy New Year to everyone!


avagdro said...

Thank you Kim/Cordie for sharing.Wish you in advance a joyful Christmas n New Year.

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Brandy said...

Definately agree, as a fellow foodie, love love love the movie! totally inspiring and wonderful!