Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Humboldt Co California delicacy?

12 Large banana slugs
white vinegar

Drop the banana slugs into a container of white vinegar for about one hour. This both kills them and congeals their slime. Use plenty of running water to rinse the slime and vinegar off their bodies.  Gut and clean them as you would a fish.  Then using your thumbnail, pop out the small hidden shell from the head area. The shell will be about the thickness of  a fingernail and about the size of a dime.

Cut the slugs into bite sized or smaller pieces and sauté' in butter.  Serve over rice. They would go well in sushi.

Alex Johnson, an HSU alumnus, shared this recipe and meal with Don Butler in 1973. Alex had happened on the recipe in the HSU library. Don's understanding from Alex was that the recipe was used by the early settlers of Humboldt County.

There you go, a little local history, and way to dispose of those pesty, slimy, critters.

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