Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kim's Breakfast Sami

Kim's Breakfast Sami

You wake up hungry on a Saturday morning (late Saturday morning) and you want something satisfying to eat, but don't want to go to the store and need to use up a few things in the fridge.  Here's what I did in that situation:

2 slices of white or whole wheat bread (what ever you have in the house) Toasted
Fig Jam
Mustard Greens (small handfull) sauteed in olive oil, chili flakes and bacon salt
Half slice smoked prosciutto fried until cripsy
Several slices of pastrami sauteed in olive oil and remaining fat from prosciutto.  
Scrambled egg with about a table spoon of parmesan cheese grated into it and cooked until barely done and left in pan off the heat to finish.  
Slice of havarti cheese
A few tater tots ( placed in 425 oven in the beginning to be ready when sandwiches are done)
a little more bacon salt
grated cheddar cheese.  
To assemble the sami:
Slather one slice of the toasted bread with mayo and squirt some regular mustard on it.  
Slather the other side with fig jam.
Place lettuce on the mayo side.
Place two thin slices of tomato next
Place the sauteed mustard greens on top of the tomatoes.
Next comes the pastrami.
Top the pastrami with the small crispy slices of prosciutto
Place the scrambled parmesan eggs on top.
Top the hot eggs with the havarti, which should slightly melt the cheese.
Place the fig jam slathered slice of toast on top and slice the sami in half.  

While you were preparing all of that, you should have had a few tater tots in the oven.  Toasting at about 425 for 15 minutes.  When the sandwiches are done, pull out the tater tots, sprinkle them with bacon salt and some shredded cheese and you have one filling and delicious breakfast/brunch/lunch.  
Serve with a piping hot strong cup of coffee.  
I hope this inspires you to use what ever you have to make a satisfying and outrages breakfast sami of your own.  Please share with me your breakfast sami sandwich ideas - I hope this inspires you to make something crazy, fun and yummy.  


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