Monday, November 12, 2007

Love That Meatloaf



It's cold and rainy outside. It's a good night for comfort food, and what better comfort food than MEATLOAF? Not too many that I know of. So here's the deal tonight. I happened to have some left over ground deer meat blended with Italian sausage spices. I searched meatloaf recipes on, and I found a buffalo meatloaf recipe. I thought, "what the hay. Why not use that? Venison, buffalo, it can't be too different, right?" Yeah I know, it can be quite different. But, the fat content may be similar, so I thought it just might work, plus the fact that one of the recipe reviewers used straight beef and loved the recipe told me it would be a go. So if you want to check out the recipe go here: Buffalo Meatloaf With Spinach and Roasted Baby Potatoes I have made some minor adjustments. First and foremost, the meat. I'm using a half pound of organic grass fed beef (all I can afford ....that stuff is ridiculously overpriced!) and a half pound of the ground venison "Italian sausage". I lowered the red pepper content since I'm serving it to my kids. I kept the spices the same, except for a little garlic powder being mixed in with the tomato sauce that I put on top ( instead of red pepper). Let's see, is that it? The only other changes were to the rest of the menu. I used fingerlings instead of the baby potatoes they called for, and since my kids, or at least one of them, has an issue with spinach, I steamed broccoli for them. I still sauteed spinach in olive oil and seasoned it with salt and fresh lemon juice and dinner was served. I will give you the family verdict asap!
Happy dinning!

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