Monday, January 21, 2008


For Christmas I got a gift card for Borders. I knew when I saw that card that I would be buying some kind of book about food.

As I was perusing Michael Ruhlman's blog a few weeks ago I figured out just exactly which food book that would be. Charcuterie.

Since a friend of ours has recently taken on the task of raising a couple of pigs, and offering to sell us one of those pigs, I've developed a huge interest in using the whole animal, and consequently preserving, smoking, curing some of the animal. When I saw Ruhlman's new book on Charcuterie I had to have it. I really hope I get a chance to try some of the recipes.

Now our next food project will be the goats. They'll be birthing their kids in a couple of months. I need recipes for goats. I have run on to this great cook book with recipes for all kinds of animals, including goat kids. I hope to acquire this book next. The Whole Beast by Fergus Henderson...the guy who does the wonderful bone marrow recipe that Anthony Bourdain would have as his last meal.

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