Monday, January 7, 2008

The Taqueria Crawl

Man! Long time no post! That's what happens when you go to Mexico 3 weeks before Christmas and don't even have your Christmas shopping done. Well, I am, and before I go into Christmas Eve dinner or any of those other fun food items, I have to tell you about our Taqueria Crawl. My only disappointment was that we didn't make it to more taqueria's, and my stomach wasn't big enough....oh yeah, we didn't brave into any place serving goat. I really wanted a goat taco while I was in Mexico. This is where we did venture though.

First was Tqueria Rossy's

Our bartender at Casa Del Mar, Osvaldo, suggested this place. He did not steer us wrong! If you like seafood taco's go here! Plenty of locals to make it authenco, and plenty of expate's to make if feel safe for the semi adventurous touristo. I had the scallop tacos. I just had them plane with some hot sauce and they were perfect! John had a scallop taco, adobado, which was delicious, and a bbq beef taco. The beer was the coldest beer I can ever recall being served. Nothing like an icey Negro Medelo. If you're ever in San Jose Del Cabo, try this place out.

The next place we tried was Taqueria Mexicana

A little sketchier because it wasn't on the main drag, and it wasn't in the main touristy square, but in between. Still a safe place for tourists. Very clean, plenty of American friendly food, as well as good local food. Mostly locals were eating lunch here, but more middle class, whereas at Rossy's it was the construction workers and laborers. The beef taco I had was excellent! They had a full bar and looked like they may serve some pretty good margeritas.

Our third and most interesting stop was here:

La Quarencia!

I have to say this was the most interesting and delicious place we stopped. I only recommend this place to people who know a fair amount of spanish and are ready for the resort employees who eat here to look down their noses at you. The owner and employees were most gracious, and served up some of the most delicious BBQ beef tacos ever. Pozole is there specialty and what most people were eating. If I hadn't eaten so much already I would have loved a bowl, and hoped to go back to try some. Maybe I'll get another chance, because It looked like the best pozole ever.

So there you have it. The San Jose Del Cabo taco crawl. Hopefully the next trip will take us to even more seedier places with more dogs hanging out front and more locals hanging out on the inside.

Hope to post sooner than the last time


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