Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to our vacation

I never thought it would take me so long to blog about our vacation. Here it is over a month since we've been back. Life can sure get in the way of a blog.

So, our second evening in Pacific Grove we decided to eat at a place we had been to before. A place undramatically named International Cuisine. It's nothing fancy, but the food is great and the service outstanding. They claim to have the best clam chowder, and I have to say, it is some of the best I've ever had. Creamy and savory, and the clams are fresh. It's a great place for a family to go, because there are so many choices to cover all different tastes. They also have a kids menu and provide crayons. The serve one to several options in a variety of national cuisines. From California cuisine, to Mexican, Greek, Italian, British, German, Russian, and to top it off, pizza. And their Turkish coffee is fun to order.

We dragged our very tired children into this place and we still managed to enjoy a good meal. My youngest was too tired to order, so I shared my Greek Combo Plate with her. It was a huge meal and perfect to share. It included gyro meat, chicken kabob, dolmas, hummus, rice, and greek salad and a side of pita bread. It made a great breakfast the next day as well. My oldest daughter ordered up a personal size meat lovers pizza. It must have been good because her eyes rolled up in her head every time she took a bite and all I could hear from her was chewing and "mmmmmmm". She too enjoyed the rest for breakfast. My husband having eaten a bit too much at lunch ordered one of his standbys. Classic Ceaser salad. It was the real deal and looked delicious.

The next day after another beautiful long walk along the coast we drove to Lover's Point and rented a surry.
We loaded our youngest and our dog in the front basket, my oldest, my husband and I loaded up on the little bench seat and we proceeded to peddle our way from Lover's Point to the Aquarium. This was quite the adventure, especially when the dog attempted to jump out and we almost ran off into a ditch. We averted disaster, thanks to my Flinstone maneuvers attempting to stop the surry, since I had not control over the breaks or steering. It was fun and we we created quite a stir with the dog in the front basket. I highly recommend trying one out, just make sure your dog won't jump out of the basket.

After another round at the Aquarium and our exciting ride it was time to think about leaving Monterey. But after all of that we were all hungry. We returned the surry and noticed a little beach burger hut at the Point. They mostly just served hamburgers and hot dogs, but they were top quality hamburgers and hotdogs. They also served cups of clam chowder, which I decided to try. It wasn't as good as the International Cuisine place, but good, and it was awesome that I had it as a choice.

So now, sadly, it was time to leave Monterey and head north. Next stop our friends apartment in Oakland.

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