Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chowder the cartoon

A while ago I sat down with my daughters to see what they were watching on TV. There was this extremely bizarre cartoon called Chowder. At first I was thinking, "what the heck is this? What a bizarre cartoon. Why can't they make them like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons? Then I really started watching.

Keep in mind the name of the show is Chowder. Now, that can have many connotations, but in a foodie world that could involve clams and potatoes. Then I started noticing that everyone in the cartoon had a food name. It turns out Chowder is an apprentice to a chef named Mung Daal, who is married to the woman who manages his catering business by the name of Truffles. Mung has an assistant chef named Schnitzel who says nothing but radda radda. Other characters go by the names of Gazpacho, Panini, Ms. Endive, Gorgonzola and tricked out food names like gubble gum, cinnamini, thrice cream, schmeg and blutter. All of this takes place in a New York inspired city with Moroccon inspired architecture called Marzipan City. And to top it off, Chowder has a pet named Kimchee, which is a gaseous cloud that follows him around and speaks in fart sounds. Anyone who has ever eaten kimchee gets the reference. That very character sold me on the show.

Hey it's all about food, so what's not to love?


ksr said...

RADA RADA RADA!! My daughter thinks I am so silly... but I LOVE SCHNITZEL.

Kim said...

You too? I think he's the bomb!