Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Devil In The Kitchen

I just finished reading Devil In The Kitchen. It was a fast easy read, not a lot of eloquent language, in fact quite a bit of foul language, that you could almost hear his Leed's accent as you read it. What I enjoyed most about the book was learning about the incredible passion, devotion, and stamina this man had for the kitchen and for food. He was the first British chef and the youngest to win 3 Michelin stars and the only to return them. It's a fun read, a bit of name dropping, including Gordon Ramsey who worked under Marco, and it seems a lot of apologies and explanations for things along the way. The great treasure in the back of the reprint I got are several of Marco's recipes. I'm really thinking of attempting the Pig's Trotters. Yummmmm!

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