Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Jimmy Bob's Hobo Soup

I have a good friend, who I'll call Annie Oakie, owin' to her proud Oakie heritage, who is married to a man, who I understand is one of the best BBQers in our county. I haven't had a chance to try any of his grilled treats, but I can't agree that he's better them my man, but that will be a story for another day. We'll call Annie's hubby, Big Jimmy Bob. Now, Big Jimmy Bob gets a wild hair now and agin' and a couple a days ago one of those wild hair's struck him in the kitchen. I heared tell a story about Jimmy Bob's infamous Hobo Soup.

Now this ain't no canned slop, this is some special stuff, of which I am the proud recipient of this special recipe, which I am about to share with you. Enjoy!

Jimmy Bob's Hobo Soup:

Use all leftover vegetables and potatoes from the corned beef your mother in law brought over to share.

Throw in the leftover chicken from your bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (Colonel Sanders would be so pleased.) Don't bone or skin. Just toss the whole shebang in.

The leftover KFC biscuits that came with your chicken.

Half a box of elbow noodles, or whatever noodles you have laying around

Several chicken boullion cubes and what ever seasoning that floats your boat, to taste

And to top it all off, add that corned beef your mother in law brought over, disregard your wife mentioning how much she's been craving a corned beef sandwich. She won't mind, really "What the Hell".

Put all these ingredients in a giant stock pot and cover with water. The biscuits will most likely float to the top, but don't let this concern you, they'll be just like dumplings when it's all done. The soup will appear alarmingly thick, but don't let this worry you. Your belly will be nice and full after a hardy bowl of this soup. When serving this to guests or family be sure to warn them to watch for chicken bones while eating.

I understand that Annie has not yet had a chance to taste this ambrosia of the hills yet, but Big Jimmy Bob says you just take one bowl, add water, and it's finger lickin' good! I bet it is!

Bon Appetite!

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