Saturday, March 7, 2009

Foie Gras in California

On September 29, 2004 California passed SB 1520 banning the production and sale of foie gras. The law doesn't take affect until 2012, and in my opinion should be repealed. I firmly believe that people voted for this law out of ignorance and I do not believe anyone has the right to tell me what I can and cannot eat. But no one expresses this better then the owners of Incanto Restaurant
Chris Cosentino and Mark Pastore on Chris' blog Offal Goodand in Mark's letter Shock and Foie on their Letters from Incanto I hope they march on and continue to serve foie gras to defy the ignorance of the masses. You guys rock!

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Sushi Freak said...

"I do not believe anyone has the right to tell me what I can and cannot eat."

This is the root of the issue. And we are losing.

Agribusiness and Big Pharma are waging war against our right to control our own bodies. They hide behind 'free market' rhetoric while working hard to remove all of our choices on how we care for our bodies.

People of all beliefs seem to understand the universal human desire for health. And so the Slow Food Movement, CSAs, and other responses to Corporate and Government control over our food and health decisions have exploded in popularity recently. Will they still be a choice in a few years? Trends say no.

The foie gras matter is bigger than just foie gras.