Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo lite

Normally Cinco De Mayo would be a big deal and a spectacular post for me, but once again, life has got in the way. Time is limited and funds even more so. I usually push for a big potluck for Cinco De Mayo at work, and had planned on bringing Posole this year. It just wasn't within the realm of my pocket book this year, and most of my co-workers felt the same. So, I wondered last night, what can I do to still have Cinco at home? Hmmmm... well, I just happened to have chicken thighgs, Dona Marie mole' sauce, refried beans, rice, peas, chilie powder, peanut oil and onions at home. That could make Chicken mole' with a side of refrieds and Mexican rice. All I lacked was tortilla's. I picked up tortilla's on the way home, and managed a dinner of chicken mole', which turned out just fine. It wasn't as good as my homemade mole' but it still hit the spot!
Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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April said...

I missed it :(

oh well Happy Cinco De Mayo to you too :D