Sunday, February 21, 2010

Halogen Cooking?

My husband was flipping through the channels and ran across this infommercial for Mr. T's FlavorWave Oven. This boggles me. Cooking with halogen light? Just so you don't have to use the evil substance called fat? One of their selling points is that the fats and oils are cooked out of the food. What? But that's where the flavor is. I couldn't help but laugh at the audience as they all wrinkled up their noses at the word fat. I can't see what is so wrong about fried chicken. OK maybe not Kentucky Fried Chicken, but chicken you cook at home, and yes in oil. It's one of the best comfort foods on the planet, and I guarantee my fried chicken, fried in oil, is better then any fake fried chicken that's had the fat nuked out of it with a halogen bulb. That just goes against the rules of the universe, at least my universe. And I also make generous use of butter, because it tastes good, and it makes my food taste good. I don't use fake fat, I use the real deal, and I'm never going to use an oven that sucks the fat out of my food. That's just they way it is.


Askew To You said...

I usually try to cook lowfat, but I don't cook no-fat. We do need some fat in our diets. Moderation.

I love to cook up things like my own chips for nachos (yum, and so not lowfat). Stand there over the oil forever with batch after batch, sneaking a chip when the kids are out of the room. They always hear the crunch, though. Great ears. I haven't made regular fried chicken in so long. There's a good buy on chicken legs at Raley's this week. I'm frying some of those suckers up. My kids will love them. Thanks for the idea.

Kim/Cordie said...

I agree, no fat isn't good. And I think when we do things like cook our own chips, we enjoy them more, because we put extra effort into it, and the ingredients are probably better quality then what you'd get out of a bag. When our food is lovingly prepared and the quality is good, we savor it more and usually will eat less. It's all about enjoying the food and not scarfing it down. I hope you enjoyed your fried chicken.

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