Sunday, September 23, 2007

The BBQ King

My husband is the Bar B Q King! Anyone who can cook chicken on a traditional briquette BBQ as well as he can is good! Damn good! Chicken isn't easy on a BBQ. It's real easy to burn the outside and still have raw meat on the inside. Not good! I use to cheat when I BBQed it. I'd bake it in the oven for a bit first. But it's just not the same cooked that way. John has it down to a fine art; getting the briquettes to the perfect temp before putting the chicken on. When it's done the skin is crunchy, almost like potato chips, but still full of juice. the meat is never dry, always juicy, and never raw. Perfection! That's the trick. Get the briquette's to just the right temp so the chicken cooks slow and steady. No flare ups, and no raw chicken. It was pretty good with my made up rub, perfectly steamed broccoli and Bush's baked beans on the side. Perfect dinner for the last day of summer. Today being the first day of fall, we're going for comfort food.....Oxtail soup with a twist!

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