Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Artichoke Heaven

When I was a kid my dad decided to grow some artichokes. I loved artichokes, but I remember getting sick of them that year, because we ate them with every meal for weeks straigt. I also remember we always dipped the leaves in mayo. I'll never forget when Mom and Dad left me with Mom's best friend Josephine when they went on one of the very few trips they ever took without me. Josephine said, " we 're having artichokes tonight!" I was so excited! I was feeling homesick, and this was going to cure it, until I saw what she served. It was artichokes alright, but where was the mayo? No mayo! Only vinegar and oil. I was dismayed!

Well, I've recovered from all of that, and I still love artichokes, as does my husband and kids. My girls are like me, they must have mayo. John on the other hand is like my mom's Portuguese friend....vinegar and oil. But, last night, we had artichokes fresh from the garden that needed nothing. I boiled them in salt water. They were still young enough to not have to cut off their thorns. I served them up with ham and cheese sandwiches. I don't remember an artichoke tasting so fresh. My oldest daughter said, " These are the best artichokes ever! They taste like water, like good water. Fresh, like the earth. They're so good! I don't even need the mayonase." She was right. No mayo or vinegar and oil required. These things were heavenly!
I don't know if I'll ever be able to enjoy an artichoke from the store ever again. Last night's chokes were pure earthly heaven.

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