Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Reporting Back

I have to say the Ledford House was definitely no disappointment. Heavenly is what dinner was. We started with two cocktails. I had a vodka martini and John a Tangeray Gin and Tonic. We ordered a bottle of 2004 Navarro Pinot Noir, which turned out to be absolutely "yummy". Our starters were a dozen oysters on the half shell with a wonderful sauce and escargot. My first escargot ever and it was delicious! They also served fresh bread. Half white, the other half a rustic seeded bread that was wonderful. There was extra virgin olive oil to dip it in, plus the basalmic vinegar that the olives were in. Our main courses were, for me, the braised rabbit. Oh My God!!!! YUM! I haven't had rabbit in years. I forgot that it really does not taste like chicken. This dish brought back child hood memories, and then chased past them with the wonderful sauce that was sitting in my bowl mixed with the mashed potatoes. John had the cassoulet. Another big fat YUM! You can look at the menu on my last post to see what was in it. All I got to taste was the duck, and it was wonderful. For desert we had port (complementary because is was our anniversary) and we shared bread pudding. This is one of the best bread puddings of all time. The caramel sauce was still sugary, just like the bottom of your cereal bowl when you were a kid, the part you liked to lick out when your parents weren't looking. The whole dinner was delicious and magical, including the beautiful sunset over the ocean just as we were seated. I highly recommend the Ledford House for your next dining experience in the Fort Bragg area. Tomorrow, or soon after I'll tell you about the other places we ate. Lots of yum coming up.
Check out more about the Ledford House at http://www.Ledfordhouse.com

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