Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Back! but.......

Well, made it back from a very nice trip to Reno visiting family and friends. We're not gamblers or skiers so that wasn't our reason for going. Visiting family I have not seen in years was, as was visiting my old college roommate and her family. Very enjoyable and relaxing and taking our girls ice skating for the first time ever (my second time only in 12 years) was a blast! We made it home late last night after a long drive involving stopping to play in the snow on the way and make snowmen. (And a desperate search for a pizza parlor that wasn't a chain in Redding. Don't bother,they're pretty much all chains and what there is are all in the the mall area.) Much to my happy surprise my Christmas present that had not arrived by Christmas was here. It was well worth the wait. A Mac book pro from my husband! Woo Hoo! The unfortunate part of this, other than the very gift my husband gave me is causing him neglect, is that I've been so busy trying to get it set up, and play with it that I don't have any food articles to post on my blog ready yet. I have stuff to post, but I haven't had time to get it together since I've been so busy playing with my new toy. So, please forgive me as I play with my new toy and figure it out. Pretty soon I hope to be posting all kinds of interesting stuff.
Happy New Year to everyone!

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