Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lunch Break Williams CA and Roberta's Taqueria

Tuesday John, the girls and I headed out for Monterey from Chico at around 11 am with no breakfast. So by the time we got to Williams about an hour later we were pretty hungry. We stopped, got gas, and John found this little taqueria a block away. Roberta's Taqueria. If you ever find yourself in Williams on your way somewhere, because I seriously doubt you're planning a vacation there (unless it's your hometown and/or you have family there) and you need some fast food, skip McDonalds, Taco Bell and Burger King. Go to Roberta's.

Roberta's is located on 530 E St in Williams. It's not far from the freeway. The day we were there it was packed and it was bloody hot outside (around 110). It's outdoor seating, drive up order. If you like good traditional taqueria food you'll like it here. They have lengua (beef tongue) and cabeza (head meat) and Mexican Coca Cola on the menu, to me that's always a sign of a good taqueria. (The ice cold Coke brought back memories of hot summer days washing cars on the front lawn, the coldest and best thing I've had to drink in years) I ordered the lengua burrito. The lengua wasn't as spicy as the place up here I like to order it, but it was well cooked, extremely tender, almost like butter. A good burrito all in all but too big for me. I should have had the lengua taco instead. John had the tostados de ceviche and 2 taco's al pastor, which looked like something I wanted to grab out of his hands and run away eating. As John said, it was "kind of yummy, not an everyday affair, just a few times a week" taco. It had bacon in it, how can you go wrong. I've never seen taco's al pastor with bacon in it. I'd like to tell you how good it was, but I think I would have lost a few digits getting near it as John inhaled it. He didn't comment on the ceviche, but he must have enjoyed it as it went down quickly with plenty of mmmmmm's. The girls had quesadilla's that looked like that were made with homemade flour tortilla's and real mexican queso. They tasted good, and the girls ate as much as they could in suffocating heat. The quesadilla's were huge, so there was no way for them to finish them. The food was good enough to save and have for breakfast the next day. The girls and John ate up the rest of one quesadilla and I happily finished the last 3rd of my burrito for breakfast. CB our dog was lucky enough to get a few sneak bites of the remaining quesadilla. He gave his paws up as well.

So thanks to Roberta's for serving up some good road trip food that did not give me heartburn, and I didn't have that icky fast food feeling I get from the above mentioned places. In fact I had a thoroughly satisfying meal that carried me on to my next destination. When I make my next trip through this way, I will definitely be back to Roberta's for my road trip meal.

On to be continued.......

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