Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My new mascot

Before I head out for vacation tomorrow, I'd like to introduce you to my new mascot, Charlotte Rose. She's the sweet red piggy on the top right hand side of my food blog. Isn't she a cutie pie? My co-worker Michale from Rio Dell is her proud owner and best friend. Eventually Charlotte will have to move on because she's getting pretty big, and she is meant to go to butcher, but in the mean time she is being very loved by her owner and her owners' family. I only mention butcher because this is a food blog after all. I wish Charlotte and Michale the best in deciding her future, but regardless of what happens she will forever be my mascot at Omnivores Delight, because Charlotte is the "Real Omnivore". And by the way, I have some kitchen scraps saved up for her. Eat on Charlotte.

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